Saturday, 12 September 2015

European Woodworking Show , Day 1

It's been a great first day at the show, hoards of people lots of familiar faces and nice weather as well.
It's always nice when people bring along things they've made, and of all the things I was shown this was the star of the day. This young man from Germany had come over with his father and had been around all day. It wasn't until late on that I saw him with these two tubes wrapped in cloth which I had to coax him to show me. They were stunning!

They were made from cherry and maple with a coopered 8 sided construction, the joins were refined with a hand plane and were flawless, both on the outside and inside.

The end caps were dovetailed with some very fancy joints and again the fit was superb.
He explained to me how he coopered the dome, but even now I still don't know how it was done so well.

At around 18 years old with no formal training, this quality of work is amazing. My pictures don't do them justice.

Before the show opened Shane Skelton came over to show me his excellent saws. Made entirely by hand the fit and finish was immaculate. They are heavy and all the better for it, cutting cleanly through oak with ease.

Again my apologies for the photo, but the detailling was superb.

I had a go with the dovetail saw and was very impressed. He is a new kid on the block but I get the feeling he'll be around for a long time with work like this.

Lastly was a fine box in brown oak and ash, in the style of Peter Lloyd's boxes

A beautifully finished 'wave'.....

...and wooden hinges.

he also produced a pair of fine planes with a black corian infill.

....and this twin bladed well made cutting gauge.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


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