Thursday, 3 September 2015

Customer Roubo Bench.

This fine looking Roubo style bench was made by Nathan in Minnesota. He only started woodworking a few months ago, so this was an ambitious project, but he's done a fine job. Things were made easier for him by using the lamination method shown in my video, see below.

The whole top was laminated from 2x4 dougles fir and the base from 2x12. He managed to find some discounted boards with splits and cut round these, the total cost for the build so far was just $70! The base was joined with mortise and tenons. All that's left is to choose the vices and I look forward to seeing the completed bench.


  1. $70. Wow. THAT makes me envious. And it's beautiful.

    1. Yes that shocked me as well, things just cost too much over here!