Tuesday 10 April 2012

Parcel from Sweden

Today an extremely robust package arrived from Sweden in a white washed pine box.

The contents were so firmly packaged I had to unscrew one side of the box to get them out!

If you hadn't already guessed it is a vintage screw box complete with sample screw for reference. The pair of cutters are held in place with bent screws and an additional screw, crude but effective. Access to the cutters is via a removable cover located with dowels. The size is 2 1/4" and everthing set and sharp enough to produce both the screw and nut.

I love old tools, they are efficient, economical, well used and 'warm'.

The story behind the this tool arriving goes back 4 or 5 years when I ordered a work bench from Leif Karlsson in sweden http://www.workbenches.se/en/index.php . He makes work benches in the old way and his father made James Krenovs work bench, some recommendation! I have made a dozen or so work benches since (it can be obsessive, just ask Chris Schwarz!) and asked Leif if he knew where I could obtain a screw box large enough to produce the wooden vices. A year ago he conatcted me to say a friend of his had a screw box he would sell, to which I said yes but I heard no more. Then just recently I received a very nice letter complete with photos offering me the screw box. The Swedish are very proud of their country and their laid back lifestyle, I need to slow down a bit!!

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