Sunday 15 April 2012

Yandles show

Demonstrating cutting dovetails using my magnetic guide, I must have cut 200 over the two days, I'm glad I can do it sitting down!

The mornings got very busy. I didn't even get a chance to look round the show myself.

Just to show it wasn't all hard work.

I must make myself a bigger bench or get a bit tidier with my tools!

Phil Edwards was in the same marquee, flying the flag for Lie Nielsen.

James helped me throughout the show which was much appreciated. Here he is having some curly shavings theropy!

James brought in a high angle smoother he made from my plans published in Furniture and Cabinetmaking. He did a good job and it felt very nice in the hand.

The prize for the cutest visitor has to go to this 11 week old pug / chiwawa cross called Millie. She was having a very hard time time staying awake.

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