Monday 27 May 2013

Antique Tool Dealers in Devon

The Tool Box in Colyton near Seaton is in a tucked away but very picturesque spot, it's only 10 minutes away from Axminster Tools and well worth a visit.

David is the owner (left)  and his speciality is model engineering. I interrupted what looked like a lengthy chat by two enthusiasts which was way over my head.

Despite David's expertise there is far more woodworking than engineering tools and I've picked up some nice stuff over the years.

Plenty of standard planes and below some fine quality engineering lathes.

In the locked glass cabinet, where all thee nice stuff resides, I found this delightful Scottish smoother. Virtually all these planes were user made from castings but this one had Galloway Edinburgh stamped on the lever cap. I believe this to be a dealer rather than a maker, but it's still a rare one.

I also found this skew mouth shoulder plane by Spiers from their later period. It has the script mark logo stamped on the good length blade. After a bit of haggling they were both mine.

I also called in at the Quay Antique Centre at Topsham which is near Exeter. They have a couple of stalls selling tools and is worth checking out if you're anywhere near.

It's arranged on three floors and is quite a place.

I bought a set of matching Addis carving chisels along with a dinky jewellers hammer and a Stanley 99 side rebate for a very reasonable £72.


  1. A nice tour David, wish we had those options in these parts - oh well, will just have to come over and do some wandering about.


    1. Hi Richard, These places need searching out, which is why I like to share with those that are able to visit. It's a long way from Canada though! All the best, David.

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