Friday 10 May 2013

Working in Tight Spaces, Get Smart!

A friend of mine sent me some pictures of his table saw / router set up. Utilising a common surface for more than one machine is a good way of saving space which is very important when your workshop is a one car garage.
The cross cut sled above is unusual here in the UK, nearly all our table saws have a sliding table and fence. Although sleds don't look very sophisticated and are cumbersome to lift on and off, if they are made accurately they work very well. They also have the advantage of giving a zero clearance on both sides of the cut, something you don't get with a sliding table. I have a couple of sleds which I drop into the groove on my sliding table and they are spot on.
The only down side is the need to remove the blade guard, something not recommended in the UK and certainly not allowed in commercial shops. The guard on my table saw came off the day it was delivered, it offers very little protection and just got in the way.

The double mitre sled above again is very useful if you take the time to make it accurately.
Doubling up the side table as a router table is a good idea and not too much trouble to change over functions.

Andy has a small collection of my planes nicely displayed and ready for action. They take up a minimum of space and are great for any workshop no matter how spacially challenged!

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  1. a new way to introduce the table concept and i like the double mitre sled on the above surface and also double up the side table as a router table is a good idea.

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