Tuesday 21 May 2013

Thicknessing Jig For Hand Planes

A few days ago a customer contacted me regarding a jig for hand planing to exact thickness, in this case box sides. This is the option he chose which has the plane riding on two narrow edges which are just outside the cutting area of the blade, so restricting the depth of cut and giving a consistent even thickness. The depth can be shimmed to suit different thickness's and you can build the jig to any length. The only restriction is the width of your plane blade.
The results below speak for themselves, a very useful and easy to make (I like those!) little jig. Thanks for the pictures Barry.


  1. There is a Japanese version where the dai has runners on both sides to control the depth. I think it was John Reed Fox I saw using it and I believe it was made by Innomoto-san.

    1. Very perceptive of you, this was the other option I put to Barry. I'm not sure he wanted to glue two bits of wood to his smoother! All the best, David.