Wednesday 18 December 2013

Chisel Handle Upgrades in Glorious Rosewoods.

Richard Wile from Canada enjoys upgrading his chisel handles, here are some Blue Spruce with wonderful cocobolo handles.
I remember teacher Bruce Luckhurst commenting drily that woodworkers will buy anything made from  rosewood and brass and he was probably right, especially rosewood of this quality.
Now you may think the pieces below don't look very promising but hiding behind that gnarled exterior is some precious Brazilian rosewood.

Here is a set of the new Veritas PMV 11 chisels with accurately turned handles from those gnarled lumps. I love Brazilian rosewood, it is subtle with great depth to the grain and the wonderful colours will hold up long after the more flashy cocobolo has turned dark purple.
You can see the full post on Richard's Blog

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