Monday 2 December 2013

Woodworkers at the Midhurst Show

First up here's Colin Norgate's stand, he does very well at these shows.
You can see a distinct and very pleasing oriental influence.

James Mursell looking suitably relaxed in one of his fine chairs.

Anthony Jackson is new to me and this cabinet immediately caught my eye. It is CNC machined followed by a lot of hand sanding and is really tactile.
It is one way, but not my way, I think I'm getting old!

John Platter's work is excellent. As a turner John has looked to break loose from the uniformity of round shapes with great success.

Brendon Devitt - Spooner produces fine work from solid timber and none finer than this walnut dining table.

And lastly was another new maker to me Tom Aylwin. Again CNC plays a big part in his work and to great effect. These boxes are beautifully made and well crafted as well as being reasonably priced.

My apologies to all the other disciplines who didn't get a mention.
It was a great show and I'll be back again next year.


  1. Looks good David. We went to Wisley Craft and design fair on Saturday and had planned to visit you on sunday but a flu bug caught me. Thanks for pictures. Some great work on show. I have posted some Wisley ones here... all the best Barry

    1. Hi Barry, that looks a great show, I would love to have seen Robert Ingham stand his work is superb.