Monday 13 January 2014

Buck Rogers Plane Has Landed!

Ever since I saw this 'Buck Rogers' plane by Millers Falls in the Hand Plane Book, I wanted one. Not usually seen outside the US and even then not common, one popped up on E Bay a couple of weeks ago and I had to have it!

It's in very good condition retaining nearly all the chrome and paint work with no rust or pitting and a nearly full length iron.

The styling is typical of the period with Tenite moulded handles and an oversized adjuster wheel.

The Bailey style adjuster (the only one worth having) is incorporated within the frog in order to retain the clean lines. The frog and the handles are all one casting which makes for a very solid set up.

The lever cap is a substantial thing with a hinged lower section similar to Clifton although it's not removable. The blade was made shorter than normal to stay within the confines of the design.
It was advertised as the worlds best plane which is perhaps stretching a bit, but there is much to commend it. It has a 2" wide blade and is certainly more substantial than a Stanley No 4. On the digital kitchen scales (don't tell the wife) it weighs exactly 4lbs, surely another part of the well planned design.

This is my favourite bit the rounded front end. Solid steel, polished but not chromed, great stuff.

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