Monday 6 January 2014

Tool Auction.

Another normal auction was lifted by some wonderful tools. These three planes were made by the same person back in the Victorian times and they are wonderfully shaped. The brass sides were dovetailed to the base before a steel sole was sweated on.  Each was beautifully engraved with the makers name, I would love to have seen the quality of the furniture he made!

This is a fantastic set of antique screw boxes ranging from 1 1/2" through to 2 1/2" in a purpose made box. It was listed as £400 - £600 but I'm sure would have gone for 4 figures, I didn't stay or find out or I might have been tempted!

This is a half set of hollows and rounds by Varvill, unusual in that it picks up on the odd numbers and is stamped 1/2 cabinet. All have the owners stamp with none missing, a rare treat.

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