Tuesday 11 March 2014

Petter Southall Furniture

I visited the Saddlers Yard Cafe and gallery in picturesque West Bay, Dorset. It had a fine display of furniture by the renowned Petter Southall http://sladersyard.wordpress.com/
I took a few pictures with my phone but was soon told that wasn't allowed. I'm not sure why as there are plenty of images on his website. His furniture is mostly oak and is beautiful! Lots of steam bent or laminated curves that really work, I envy that sort of talent. The prices certainly reflected his talent with the chairs ranging from £3,000 to £5,000 each (that's each chair not each set!).
The chair below has simple lines and an ecclesiastical feel.

This round chair is just great!

A lovely flowing desk.

And my favourite, a curved reception desk.

Wonderful from both sides

And of course curved drawers to match!
If you ever in this part of Dorset it's very well worth a visit and the cafe looked very nice too!


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  3. I had the same problem at The Celebration of Design & Craftsmanship at Cheltenham a couple of years ago, I had bought the brochure on the way in only to find that not all of the exhibits were in there. I decided to take a few pictures of the missing pieces with my phone, a large hand grabbed my shoulder and I was told not to take photographs, I thought the same as you, that most if not all of the pieces would be on there makers websites, I couldn`t and still can`t see the problem. Pretentious springs to mind!

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