Sunday 2 March 2014

Stanley Tool Auction

Yes another trip to the David Stanley tool auction! I couldn't resist a shot of this saw, a monster Stanley (no relation) mitre box saw, 30" long with a 6" deep blade. I was tempted to bid until good sense got the better of me!

I was really tempted by this craftsman made saw vice, a real beauty with large through tenons in the jaws and a wonderful brass and steel mechanism.
As I mainly use non resharpenable Japanese saws, again good sense prevailed and I kep my wallet closed.

This Lervad bench is a strange looking beast, although I've had one in the past and they work surprising well despite the narrow top. This one was in pretty good condition and will make someone a nice garage shop bench.

The best bit is the vice, a dog leg version with two non interfering support bars, great for dovetailing.

I had the pleasure of seeing some wonderful planes on Bill Carters stand. They weren't made by Bill but by a young man whose name I've forgotten, sorry! He doesn't intend to make them commercially as they take him too long to make, but if he ever did I'm sure he wouldn't have trouble selling them, the workmanship is superb.

Here's a copy of a one off Norris plane that passed through Bill's hands, it has a skew mouth and was faultless.

A pair of thumb planes made 10 years ago, not to the same standard but still very good especially for a first attempt.

This was probably my favourite, an improved pattern mitre plane with a minutely tight mouth and invisible dovetails.
Another great visit and the international auction is coming up at the end of March.

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