Thursday 6 March 2014

Sauer and Steiner K7 Arrived.

My K7 arrived last week and after a few days handling and admiring it, I gave it a try.
The elongated rear infill makes it much more comfortable than antique planes of the same style and the pointed rear nestles right into the palm of the hand. It is surprisingly heavy which is nice.
Konrad has access to some wonderful wood, woodworkers are suckers for great wood and I'm no exception! The metal work tends to be overlooked but it is faultless. You cannot detect the dovetails, the lever cap requires the lightest of touches and the mouth is super fine.

Needless to say it works superbly cleaning up this curly walnut with ease. The Ron Hock high carbon steel blade really sings and the high angle blade takes concertina shavings. If I can find some time to get back to making some furniture this plane will get plenty of use.

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