Friday 4 July 2014

Timberline Wood Yard Visit

Now I know I probably don't need any more timber but the lure of rare and beautiful wood is too much to resist! Below is a close up of some lovely mild grained Andaman Padauk, this stuff is unobtainable now so I couldn't resist it. The colour ranges from light to dark orange and tones down to a lovely rich red over time, somewhat different to its African cousin which starts very bright but quickly tones down to a dull grey. Bob at Timberline does have some more but he keeps it tucked away and it's not cheap!

Here's a small chunk of quarter sawn bog oak, 5,600 years old. It has a ripple running through and will make some wonderful boxes.

I also bought some boards of Indian laurel, again with a nice mild grain.This piece was unusually light in colour and has some lovely black lines running through, reminiscent of ziricote.

I was very pleased with my haul once the surfaces were revealed, now I just need to find the time to make some furniture!


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