Tuesday 2 June 2015

Craft Museum Part 2.

I found this interesting, it's a large draw knife anchored at one end so it can swivel to cut the curves on clogs. The slot is for the clog blank.

This looks like a pit saw arrangement above ground. There were lots of huge two man saws, see below.

This spinning wheel was actually is actually a treadle powered sharpening wheel. The whole thing is mounted on a hand cart and he must have wheeled this door to door.

This shop seemed to specialise in veneered work with a nice chess table on display.

Some of the large pile of walnut veneer on one of the shelves.

A saw clamped up ready for sharpening.

A lovely example of a book or nipping press, with a 3" diameter wooden screw.

The glaziers shop, this time with a leg vice.

A metal workers shop again with a leg vice. It was interesting that of the dozen or so bench on show only one had a tail vice. I don't find much use for them myself either.

Upstairs was a toy museum and even here there were plenty of woodworking trades on show. Here is a book binders with the edge trimmings from completed books.

And just when I thought the woodworking experience was over I spotted some old woodworking machines in the farm machinery display outside. A pair of old band saws from the 1850's.

An extremely solid surface planer.

A huge disc sander.

and finally a hand cranked grinding wheel. So all in all a great morning! Needless to say if you ever find yourself in the area I would highly recommend a visit.


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