Monday 8 June 2015

Scandinavian Workbench Article in F&C Magazine

In the latest issue there's an article on the making of my Scandinavian workbench for anyone who is interested. This includes detailed plans and measurements. It's a very good issue this month so well worth getting even if the work bench is not your thing.
Sorry about the pictures below, sometimes the Blog just does that! (probably me)


  1. I really like this bench David. Now that you have been using it for a while how does it measure up to your Roubo ???

  2. Hi Simon, I like it too and the tool well is more useful than I remembered. This is as good as the leg vice, just different, there are pros and cons with both, but mostly pros!
    All the best, David.

    1. It's a great looing bench, I really like the buttermilk paint on the framework, I'm going to make a six board chest for my baby girls toys and will paint it this colour too I think.

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