Friday 26 June 2015

Customer Dovetails

First up is a nice set of dry fitted dovetails by Barry from the UK. This will be a wall mounted tool cabinet, it has a pair of doors to the front but it will also have a second pair of doors. You can see a wider dovetail in the shot above which is where the separation cut will come. You can see more of Barry's work on his Blog

Next is a well executed first set of dovetails from James from California in black walnut using the guide and 372 saw. He has found the kerf starter method very useful

Next is a first set of dovetails by Nicolai from Maryland USA, he was very pleased with the results achieved with the 1:6 guide.
And lastly a very nice practice set of hounds tooth dovetails by Simon from the UK. He followed the procedure on my YouTube video and found them to be are lot easier than he imagined. 

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