Thursday 24 September 2015

Great Wall Mounted Tool Cabinet.

Kevin, a customer from California sent over these pictures of his wall mounted tool cabinet and a very nice job he's done too!

There are a number of layers with doors opening to reveal more storage.

My dovetail guide was a great time savers with the dovetails for the carcass.

And here's a neat little way to hold his Lie Nielsen saws, although I wouldn't go closing the door too hard!


  1. Wow, that look great. I think I will need something like that in my tiny work space to keep my tools off the valuable floor space.

  2. Did Kevin send the measurements with these pictures??

    1. Hi, sorry he didn't but you can get the rough dimensions looking at the contents of the cupboard. All the best, David.

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  4. I'm building a similar cabinet. It comes from Mike Pekovich and the plan he did for Fine Woodworking.