Monday 14 September 2015

More from the European Woodworking Show

Here's a shot of the main two buildings taken before the gates opened on the second day. A truly wonderful setting and the weather stayed fine for the two day yet again.
As always there was a fine selection of food available, the Indian was very nice!

Outside the main barns there were many stalls and marquees, this one had a particularly entertaining host and displayed some fine archery equipment.

Richard Arnold was showing some of his fine collection of old planes.

And it was good to see Bill and Sarah Carter had made the journey down with a great display of planes. Bill is now 76 and still going strong, although maybe not making quite so many planes as he used to!

And on to Oliver Sparks, a superb craftsman who is following in the footsteps of Bill Carter, with some help from the master.

You can see his fine planes on his website

The ones that really caught my eye (and hand) were his 'slipper' planes, extremely comfortable and great performers. I have one on order.
This was the most successful show I've ever attended, attracting woodworkers from far and wide. If you didn't get there this time make sure you're there in two years time.


  1. I really enjoyed the show, I wished I could have spent more time there but I had to get back home. Glad I set myself a budget as I could have spent more !!! Hope you had a successful show, I think Chris Vesper ran out of tools before the end of day one !!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes it would be easy to loose control! This was the most successful show I've ever done. All the best, David.

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