Monday 7 March 2016

Oliver Sparks Slipper Plane Has Arrived!

My slipper plane from Ollie Sparks arrived last week in very neat packaging, full of protective pine shavings.

I buffed up the plane and degreased the blade and it was ready to admire. The discreet logo on the blade and at the rear of the infill are all that's needed.

My harsh workshop lights don't do the wood justice so here it is in the natural daylight.
Oliver believes it to be Honduran rosewood, whatever it is it's lovely.

After spending some time fondling and admiring my new plane, the attention to detail was apparent. The finish of the metal, the invisible dovetails and the wood was perfection. The fit of the wedge likewise. The mouth is incredibly tight, even difficult to see light through. Everything is perfectly symmetrical, not easy with so many curves. Eye-balling the front infill with the wedge showed them to be in perfect alignment as well as sharing the same curvature. The angle on the wedge is perfect for taping it out, this angle is repeated on the rear of the plane, a nice touch.

Of course it works superbly, I expected nothing less. Is it a match my favourite Bill Carter plane?
I'm not sure yet, only time will tell.
If you want to see more shots Ollie has posted them on his website.


  1. I'm lucky enough to get to watch these beauties evolve every day, and this one was a stunner

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