Monday 14 March 2016

Yoga Chair.

My wife is doing a Yoga teacher training course which involves 5 hours of sitting. Some manage it cross legged on the floor but many need to use the low chairs at the school, my wife included. She liked it so much she brought one of the MDF chairs home for me to copy in something a bit nicer!

Due to the width of the seat I had to book match all the parts, machine jointing them first and then cleaning up with my jointer plane and fence. I flipped the second board so that any slight deviation from 90 degrees was cancelled out to give a truly flat board.

This is the result, these two boards above aren't glued or clamped, they just fit together.

The joinery was a bit more complex than I first thought with compound angles. After messing around with my table saw trying to set it up, I decided it was easier, having marked out the cuts, to just do it by hand. All fitted well after a little pairing on one of them.

And here is the result, my version in olive ash and finished with three coats of Devon Wood Oil.

It reminds me a bit of a Nakashima low chair.

I chose to book match the seat this way so that the curve in the wood matched the angles on the seat. That olive ash is lovely stuff.


  1. The olive ash looks great, will have to get some for myself. Nice to see something you have been working on.

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