Wednesday 9 March 2016

Scandinavian Workbench Made Easy.Customer Project.

Tim from the US sent me some pictures of his fine new bench made after the article I wrote for Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine a little while back.
Here is his comprehensive post on Lumberjocks
Using solid timber with the grain all in one direction makes the building of this very useful shoulder vice easy. No floating cross grain, no large dovetails and no end cap to worry about, easy to make and solid as a rock. I may have tried to shorten that screw by a few inches.


  1. That's a pretty sexy workbench for my next cabinet project. Thanks for sharing the link to this cook workbech

  2. Just an addition, I think you can also check these wooden workbenches from Emir. Here is the link to their workbenches

    I hope it helps.

  3. I may have tried to shorten that screw by a few inches. ​best modular kitched in hyderabad

  4. Those screws don't shorten by the way! The bench design did not match the hardware. The holding width of the vice is rather undersized, is this a result of the lack of floating grain and an end cap? Taking shortcuts rarely works.

  5. Thanks for letting me kno, David.w, I used a wooden one on my build, cut down to suit. The principal of laminating the shoulder will always be a strong build whatever the depth of the jaw, although both designs rely on that though bolt to keep things together. All the best

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