Monday 26 September 2016

More First Time Dovetails

Rod from California sent me this picture and made these very nice comments,
I am really excited that your guide has made a very difficult process much less daunting.  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical but all doubts have been brushed aside. My first attempts were cut with a Veritas dovetail saw since I already owned one. Not 100% happy with my results, I ordered the Japanese saw you recommend and I am very impressed with it. Here is a sample of my latest attempt:
Thanks also for all of your YouTube videos demonstrating how cutting dovetails can be achieved by most anyone willing to give it a go! Take care.

Below is the very first dovetails cut by Michael from Melbourne, most impressive! If you can nail it in 3/4" stock then smaller dovetails will be a piece of cake.


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  2. Thanks David. Your dovetail guides make a daunting task much more achievable for novices like me. I'll complete this alignment board and look forward to my next dovetail joinery. I plan to make a hanging tool chest using them. Cheers...