Wednesday 7 September 2016

New Workshop

We've recently sold our house and I felt it was time to take on a workshop away from the home. This gives me more room and I was able to move all my gear in prior to moving house, I don't think we could have coped with both at the same time!

I re-laid my Paf Systems floor tiles, along with some new ones, ready for the big move. These tiles are brilliant, easy to clean, very tough and much kinder to my tools than concrete.

I installed industrial racking to take all my wood and managed to plumb in the cyclone dust extractor. If you are reading this Bern, you need one of these!
This is as far as I managed to get before we decamped to Dorset for 4 weeks. There was a delay on the house we are buying which meant I had to leave the workshop in a real mess, very frustrating.

Mind you I can think of worse places to spend a month away.


  1. David,

    I don't think Bern's health issue was not due to dust in the end.

    It turns out that he was diagnosed with blood clots on both lungs from a life spent working on his knees !!!

    The doctor reckoned he had a day or two to go before the clots would have gone to his heart, then he would have been a goner :-(

    Sweet workshop !!!

  2. We never know what's round the corner, I hope he recovers. All the best, David.