Tuesday 4 April 2017

Bidge City CT-8 Block Plane For Sale

This lovely dovetailed plane is a rarity over here, in fact there weren't that many produced in the US. It's been out of production for 10 years now and there's one being offered on E Bay at the moment
I was tempted to buy it but I already have one in my collection.

They produced two models, the low angle CT-7 (12 degrees) and the standard angle CT-8 (20 degrees). The standard angle model is the more versatile, being able to handle end grain as well as long grain, sharpened at 30 degrees it provides a 50 degree angle of attack. It has an adjustable mouth as well as adjustable blade and is beautifully made.


  1. Hello Baron,

    a very nice plane.

    Additional here a wonderful another one: http://www.woodworking.de/cgi-bin/forum/webbbs_config.pl/page/1/md/read/id/74072/sbj/mein-bild-der-woche/.
    Gerd Fritsche was very busy!

    Sincerly regards


    1. Hi Uwe, Thanks for the link,I agree a beautiful little plane. All the best, David.