Thursday 6 April 2017

Matthew Burt, Fine Furniture Maker.

Matthew Burt has long been one of my favourite furniture designers. His impressive new workshops are backed up by this shop, run by his wife Celia, all in the lovely Wiltshire village of Hindon just off the main A 303. I pass by on the way to the Yandles show so great to see what's new.

There are two well stocked rooms with all kinds of lovely modern pieces.
You can see more on their website

This is a fascinating new design, a wall mounted consul table. The half cone shape was made up from 16 tapered coopered oak staves, rounded after glue up and the top is a veneered cross section from across the trunk. It doesn't have any shrinkage cracks which must have been hard to achieve. the design is beautiful and simplicity at it's best.

This circular jewellery cabinet is one I've admired in the past, it has a turned barrel hinge and looks stunning in this tightly rippled olive ash.

Here is the interior revealed.

Here is the entrance to the third room (which doesn't exist) it gets me every time. It's a semi circular table fitted against a mirror, very clever.

Matthew makes some great chairs and I have long admired the Tricorn chair, here it is in hand stitched padded leather, very nice.

The solid wood seat on this version is very comfortable and supportive and nearly half the price of the hand stitched leather. I left the shop with this chair and it will take pride of place in my office.

The lovely village of Hindon is well worth a visit one it's own with a couple of nice pubs...

..... and of course a fine old church.


  1. That's some lovely work David, certainly something o aspire to. I really appreciate the simple form of the design yet complexity in seeing the pieces made. The coopered console table is stunning.

    1. If you ever find yourself down that way it all looks even better in the flesh. All the best, David.

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  3. These furniture look absolutely stunning. I loved the detailing and the designs very much. I will buy this soon.
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