Tuesday, 15 January 2013

HNT Gordon Inset Vice and Other Tools.

 I recently ordered this inset tail vice from HNT Gordon in Australia. I don't have much use for a tail vice with the way I work but it is one of those things that is useful to have. If I used one more I would invest the money (and time fitting) in one of the lovely tail vices from Bench Crafted or Richard McGuire. Inset vices are much cheaper and easier to install. I don't which bench I'm going to fit it to yet or it may go into a bench yet to be made.

The brass dog is a beautiful fit gliding down on a cushion of air.

The handle is spun with the palm of your hand and is solid and very well machined. It is captured so that it doesn't extend outwards as it is retracted unlike the Veritas version. It also moves much faster.

The main shaft is circular, fits without any play and runs smoothly. This is a better shape to resist the pressures the vice will exert over time.

Here is the Veritas drop in version which can be used anywhere you have a 3/4" hole, it is fiddly to use and slow so I have hardly used it.

I also ordered this lovely little round soled spokeshave with handles in raindrop blackwood. It is ideal for delicate shaping work in tight corners. You can see the size of it compared to a full sized Gordon shave below.

I really like Gordon tools, they have much higher angles at 55 to 60 degrees which makes them harder to use but great where you need to avoid tearout. The blades are very hard at Rc 62 - 64 and take a wonderful edge. The wood is beautifully finished especially on the premium versions which use fine, rare timbers.

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  1. I just recieved my vise. I cant wait to install it. It is very well constructed. I have to say, it arrived at my door in Idaho, USA in 4 days all the way from Australia. Amazing!