Saturday, 26 January 2013

Try Making This Joint!

Another visit to the David Stanley tool auction. I was shown this miniature joint by one of the friendly stall holders. He believed it to be a joint used in stair building and it was reminiscent of the complicated Japanese joints I've seen in books.

 Here is a shot of the end profile and below the assembled joint.

It was found in this small case of miniature planes and was presumably to demonstrate his skill and workmanship to prospective clients.

I bought a few planes at the auction (well you have to justify the trip!) and this was the nicest. It is a user made plane from around 1900 with a cast gunmetal body and a mahogany infill and wedge.
The style of the body was Spiers and the elongated rounded wedge is reminiscent of George Miller and  is very comfortable to hold.

The really nice feature is the perfectly tented infill profile which carries on into the wedge. The casting was obviously made to take this profile .

The lovely shaping is carried on round the front bun, a quality piece in great condition.


  1. Excellent Post. That joint assembly is incredible and I really like the box of miniature planes. Thanks for posting !!!!

  2. Hi Michael, it nice to hear someone appreciating the effort it takes to keep up an active and hopefully interesting blog. All the best, David.

  3. Do you get the box of miniature planes or did you manage to resist the temptation ? I am definitely going too try and get to the David Stanley sale soon . Great post love looking at all the old tools.

  4. Hi David, No I didn't buy them but they were cute. I'm not sure what he was asking but he'll probably have them at the next auction. All the best, David.