Monday, 28 January 2013

More Customer planes!

 It seems plane making is a popular pastime! This is a small planes which look very comfortable with a nicely rounded iron and a well thought out front grip.

It has spalted beech sides and what looks like a rosewood centre and possibly a brass sole?
I like the the blade holding method with the lever cap applying pressure low down on the blade, It also looks good.
The Damascus blade looks very nice.

 This one looks like plain beech and rosewood with an old cast steel blade. I'm not sure of the need for the brass pins which may also protrude over time as the wood shrinks a little. Apparently both planes work very well and he is thinking of producing them for sale. I can put you in touch if anyone is interested.
The first plane gets my vote, the short thick iron and nice front grip look more comfortable to use and it's more stylish. Well done Kevin!

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