Thursday 17 January 2013

Zebrano Scraper Plane.

I recently did an article for F&C magazine on the making of my scraper plane. I supplied the 2" blade to a customer who did a fine job on reproducing the plane in Zebrano with a wedge and cross pin in Jarrah. If you look carefully you can see thin strips of rosewood glued in-between the laminated sides, a nice touch. Well done Phil.
I remember Alan Peters advising a young Jeremy Broun 'if you can't hide it, make a feature of it', great advice.

Here is Joe's first attempt with my dovetail guide and he's done a fine job with this chunky little box.
Keep the photos coming!


  1. The scraper plane is a fascinating tool. Perhaps you'd be up for a blog post on how they are sharpened?

    I've had the opportunity to use a pair of your planes recently, and they're really fantastic.

    1. Hi, The blade is sharpened by turning a burr just like a cabinet scraper. The only difference is the blade has a 45 degree bevel. I'm glad you like my planes. All the best, David.

    2. Outstanding. Is the blade full hardness - the same as a plane iron?

    3. Hi, Yes the blade is RC 62 much harder than normal scrapers blades. The hook takes a little more time to turn but it lasts a lot longer. All the best, David.