Monday, 21 January 2013

My Favourite Planes.

Here's a little cracker from Bridge City model HP 5. It's a bevel up plane with the blade bedded at 25 degrees (or somewhere close!). It has an adjustable blade and an adjustable mouth and feels just right in the hand. It is much better and heavier than the lower angle HP 3. I've owned a dozen or more Bridge City tools in the past and this is the only one I still possess. No apologies for the condition it gets well used. This model is no longer available new if you ever see one on E Bay, buy it!!

The plane below is a very early one made by me, long before I thought about making them commercially. The wedge is held by lugs in the traditional way which is not as firm as the rocking bridge combined with a curved wedge, but this still works well enough.
 It has a very tight mouth and a dovetailed brass abutment similar to the Gordon planes (see recent post). The 1/4" iron is bedded at 57 degrees and there's not much this can't handle.                            The wood is Santos Rosewood well known as being very nasty and I can vouch for that. This plane brought me out in a bad facial rash that took a month to clear, this is the last thing I made from it. I have to handle Cocobolo carefully but this stuff is in a different league.

The cute little plane below is Dutch and perhaps the one I use the most.
 The mouth is positively gaping.                Have you guessed yet??

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  1. I keep trying to pick up the ECE version of the bottle opener but I've been sniped on every one so far.

    Good choice of beer mate.