Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowed in!

We don't get much snow here on the South coast , but we woke up to this on Friday morning. It was gridlock on the roads and our long weekend in London had to be postponed. That's my workshop with the white roof, at 500 ft square it's not big but it's well insulated and easy to keep warm.

I thought January would quieten down with orders, but not so far. These parcels are ready to post on Monday.

I've been working on another small batch of dovetail guides, I can't let these run out of stock!


  1. Where's your snowman - that looks like just a dusting....

  2. Hi Richard,
    Everything is relative, we haven't seen a snow flake for two years, to us that's a blizzard! As far as a snowman goes it's too cold!
    All the best, David,

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