Wednesday 29 February 2012

The batch of planes is complete, they took a total of 44 hours which is just over 2 hours per plane, not bad. The idea of using the old cast steel blades was to keep the cost down, they were £3 each instead of £20 for my specially made blades. The steel is very good but they took more time to prepare and sharpen. They will be selling for £89.

The finish I used was two coats of Melamine Laquer which was thinned 10% for ease of application and ragged on thinly. It smells awful so I wore a mask and kept the workshop door open. The coats dry within a minute and were left to fully harden overnight. I then rubbed them out with micro mesh abrasive working from 1500 grit to 3600, with a final coating of carnauba wax to complete the job. This produces a lovely gloss finish which paricularly suits the Kingwood.

These are really useful little planes and the curly walnut was smoothed with ease. The tight mouth and the 52 1/2 degree bed angle ensured there was no tearout to the reversing grain.

This one is in Bocote also known as Mexican Rosewood (although not a true rosewood).

I made two in Macassar ebony a very dense brittle timber.

Most of the batch were made from Kingwood a rare and wonderful rosewood. I hope I put it to good use.

I used gold in my name stamp for the first time and I think it looks good.

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  1. Lovely planes and a great finish. The contrasting wedge adds a touch of art to them.