Friday 10 February 2012

Pocket Planes

This is a new plane which will be 5 1/2" long with a 1 1/4" wide blade. Its made from 2" turning blanks which are quite reasonable and also allow me to pick defect free quatered stock. The 21 blanks have been accurately planed to 49mm square.

A nice piece of Bocote also known as Mexican Rosewood.

Most blanks are from Kingwood a rare and beautiful timber. It's also very hard and dense and will sink if placed in water, perish the thought!!

This is my little marking out kit with 2 sliding bevels set at 52 1/2 degrees for the bed and 60 for the escapemnet. The perspex allows me to set everything out including the hole for the cross pin.

Before I separate the blank I drill 6mm holes for the dowels as well as the cross pin. I'm pictured here doing the last step of putting a small chamfer on the cross pin hole, it leaves a nice finish.

I'm now cutting each side from the blank with my home made fence. The blade and the fence are set dead square to the table, the secret to everything running smoothly is accuracy at every stage.

I use a carbide tipped blade on my band saw which gives a very clean finish. Here I'm using a Stanlet no 81 scraper to smooth off the band saw marks. Fitted with a Hock blade this is a formidable tool!

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