Sunday 5 February 2012

Workshop re organisation

I've been rearranging my workshop to add in two more workbenches in preparation for teaching. The benches are both ones I use to demonstarte at shows and they were taking up valuable room in the wood store next door. The photo above shows my 'make up' table which I've moved across to use as my sanding / grinding station.The shot below shows how it was before, the crappy old stand has gone to the dump!

This is my make up table before the move, the wide top you can see has been reduced in width to fit in its new home.

The bench below is now doubling as my new make up table. This hasn't been out for a while as its a bit heavy to take to shows, I overdid things when I made it!

Below is my old sharpening station, this too has gone to the dump.

It has been replaced with my current mobile bench, which is my best design yet, although I over compensated on the size of the top which is a bit short. I can feel another bench making project coming!

Just for good measure here is a shot of the bench I use in the workshop, it is definately not portable!

You may notice that all of the benches have a leg vice fitted. The top one is a metal one by Veritas, the one above is a large wooden one which I made myself (my favourite), and the one below is a very sweet running version by Benchcrafted.

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