Friday 24 February 2012


The blades for these planes are taken from 100 year old cast steel irons by Herring who were well known for their carving chisels. Although the blades were only hardened for part of their length it was too far up to be cut with a hack saw. I had to resort to hitting them with a lump hammer in an engineers vice to crack them in the right place (ish!). The backs were initially flattened on a linisher and the tops were rounded on a disc sander.

The Herring logo.

The blades were unused and had a shallow 20 degree bevel. I straightened the edge and then hollow ground them at 25 degrees on my high speed grinder. The final honing was done at 30 degrees which can be seen as the fine polished narrow edge.

I've recently been sidetracked with a Norris A6 recently purchased which has multiple cracks to the rear handle. Thankfully the cracks had not been repaired which makes things a lot easier! I filled the cracks with epoxy and clamped the handle as tight as I could. The handles need refinishing but hopefully by the time I've finished the repair it will be invisible as well as strong.

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