Saturday 24 March 2012

Jack Planes and Smoothers

I've just started a small batch of 2 jack planes and 3 smoothers. The jack planes are 13 1/2" long and a good general purpose size, this is a new plane to my range. The smoothers are 8" long and have a 1 1/2" Hock blade, this is the size favoured by James Krenov. I use a perspex template to mark out the shape and the position of the cross pin hole.

I prefer to drill the holes for the cross pin before separating the sides.

I set the drill press so that the spur just breaks through to the other side. I then turn the blank over and complete the hole from the other side.

A perfect hole with no breakout.

I also like to create the chamfers on the drill press. This conical bit from lee Valley gives excellent results.

Here are the sides separated on the band saw. I use a Lennox Trimaster carbide tipped blade and it gives a very smooth cut requiring the minimum of clear up.

Cleaning off the band saw marks with a Stanley No81 scraper fitted with a Hock blade, an awesome combination!

The centre section has the bed angles marked on ready for cutting on the band saw. These good quality bevel gauges from Chris Vesper hold their setting perfectly, avoiding costly mistakes.

Routing the groove for the screw head to ride in, using a template and a guide bush.

Gluing up the jack planes, you can never have too many clamps!!


  1. Nice post David, just made one of those myself for the first time from cocobolo. Good work.

    1. That's a cute little plane you've made, be careful it's addictive!