Friday 30 March 2012

Planes finished

I've been diverted to other little jobs, but the planes are finally complete. The smoothers may only be 1" shorter than my 9" model but they feel a lot more compact. Yes I know the jack plane at the back has no blade, I'm waiting for them to come in from Ron Hock.

The rose bubinga has really nice colour, this was the last of the stock bought from Bob at Timberline, he told me the wood was nice, and he was right.

Here's the jack plane, I can't believe I've not made this size before. It's just under 14" and looks good, feels good and is very versatile.

My wife says this looks like a 1930's American car.


  1. Is your maker's mark imprinted with gold leaf? How do you do that?

  2. The makers mark was stamped with a metal punch I had made. The gold is Guilt Cream made by Chestnut or Liberon which is simply rubbed into the recesses with the excess rubbed off and then left to dry. You need to make sure the surrounding wood is well sealed otherwise the gold will stay in the grian and spoil the effect.