Saturday 17 March 2012

New DVD out now!

At last my new DVD Hand Applied Finishing is available. It comprehensively covers the vital aspect of surface preparations and includes tips on the usage of planes, scrapers, machinery and sandpaper. The second parts looks at at variety of hand applied finishes including shellac, oil, varnish, acrylics and wax and methods of application. Also covered is advice on matching finishes to certain woods and how and when to combine finishes. You will also learn how and why to mix your own shellac.
It does not include anything on sprayed or coloured finishes and I make no apology for that.
The DVD costs £19.95 inc postage to Europe and has been produced in HD and the PAL format for very best picture quality. Unfortunately PAL will not play in DVD players in the USA unless you have a multi channel machine.

My dovetail alignment boards are complete after three coats of Osmo Hardwax oil (matt). The fences have been attached with screws which allows them to be removed if tuning of the board is ever necessary in the future.


  1. Hi David, just finished watching Hand Applied Finishing - great video - thanks! Quick question - what brand are the hand sanding blocks you use? Do they have a rubber sole, or hard surface? Cheers! Nick

    1. Hi Nick, The sanding blocks can be bought from Rockler, they are called Prepin' Weapon and they do have a thin rubber sole. All the best, David.