Monday 19 March 2012

Norris plane restoration

Here is a Norris A6 I bought. It was in a sorry state with three separate cracks in the rear handle. The picture above shows it after being glued up with epoxy resin, all the excess glue and irregularities need sanding smooth. I worked from 240 grit through to 600 grit.
This was followed by 5 thin coats of shellac applied with a cloth then left to harden for a few days. This surafce was then worked with 400 grit until matt all over and then worked all the way through to 4,000 grit micromesh. The last coat was with a carnauba wax to give a nice protective sheen. The rosewood was a nice surprise and this was a pleasing restoration.

My aim was to leave the wood as natual looking as possible, I didn't sand too hard leaving as many of the old bumps and knocks as I could. The rubbing out removed all of the telltale cloth marks and left the surface matt so that the application of wax only raised a sheen and not a high gloss finish.

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  1. Looks great. What a joy to bring an old tool back to life.