Sunday 20 May 2012

Benchcrafted Vices

A short while ago I sent Jameel Abraham from Benchcrafted one of my magnetic dovetail guides, here is a short You Tube video of the first joint he cut using it. These are utility dovetails cut for strength rather than looks but he's done a nice clean job in European beech. Whilst Jameel has ample skill to cut these without any assistance he said the guide worked quickly and without fuss.

Last week I received a Moxon vice from Benchcrafted in a very neat little box. This is a superb vice for dovetailing and I intend make a bench with this vice permanently installed rather than as a removable set up. I have one their Glide Vices installed on my main bench and it is a joy use.

Here are the contents, the wheels are heavy, the screws are precise and they spin beautifully!

The oak from HMS Victory yielded another surprise, there was a copper plate attached with copper tacks to one of the painted edges. It would be nice to incorporate this into the boxes I'm going to make.


  1. Nice to find a piece of Victory copper.

    I have a little copper medal presented in 1905 on the centenary of Nelson's death which contains 'Victory copper from Lords of the Admiralty'

    Victory has been in a state of constant refit for the last 200 years with around 80 per cent of the ship having been replaced in that time, I believe. I wonder what chance there is your piece of oak was at Trafalgar?

    1. That's a nice medal to have, I was wondering whether I should have something made or use it as is.
      Working on percentages my pieces probably weren't at the battle. But then again the layers of paint were so thick that maybe there were? Who knows?!

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