Monday 7 May 2012

Dovetail boxes

I've been working on a batch of dovetailed boxes with pivot hinge lids. The  four smaller ones are complete. These are a good seller at galleries and shows and I love dovetailing!!
I used some really nice birds eye maple for the front back and top. The sides are  walnut for a nice contrast. I've not used this style of handle before and I'm very pleased with the result. The recess was drilled on the drill press taking care to hide the spur indent within the lid area and therefore hidden by the handle. The discs were turned to size on the disc sander with a little jig using a 2mm brass pin.
The disc is 1" diameter and was cut from some tight burr walnut .
Here is the lid open with the handle glued in place.
The finish I used was 6 coats of shellac, left overnight to harden and then cut back with  1,000 and 1,500 grit  micro mesh  abrasive. The matt surface was then lifted with a carnauba wax blend.

I aim to keep the reveals as tight as I can without binding. The shooting board is ideal for creeping up on a perfect fit.

You've probably noticed the protruding pins which will allow me to remove the lids to apply the pig skin lining. They will be cut to length and slightly recessed into a tiny chamfer for a neat finish.

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  1. The walnut disc is an excellent touch, they look superb. The matt finishing is an excellent choice, helps to accentuate the contrasting woods. Another triumph.