Wednesday 9 May 2012

Jointer planes.

I've started a small batch of jointer planes, one of which will be for a left handed woodworker. The wood I'm using is Goncalo Alves which is a very hard, heavy and attractive timber.

 Here are some Lignum Vitae soles cut 3mm thick and left to dry for 3 years.

 The soles are glued on using Gorilla glue as the Lignum is so oily. I should get some commission from Bessey for this shot!!

I checked the flatness of my bench (which I should do more often!) and spent 15 minutes flattening it. This much easier planing across the grain for the most part. I remember visiting Alan Peters workshop and seeing his workbenches worn down to the bolts. Apparently his wife Laura said he was meticulous about having a flat bench.

Here are the blanks marked up ready for the dowle holes to be drilled prior to separating on the band saw.

I clean up the band saw marks with a Stanley No 81 scraper with a Ron Hock blade, a great tool!

Clamping up a plane with as many clamps as I could fit on.

Here is the glued up plane after rough shaping on the ban saw. James Krenov would have touched this up with a file and left it at that. It is surprising comfortable with good grip, but I don't think I would sell too many if I left them like this!


  1. David,

    I'm curious why you use so many clamps and no cauls.


    1. Hi Chris,

      I started out using cauls (as you are supposed to) but I found this was leaving a glue line. The bar clamps exert a lot of pressure and I find they they give a much better result.