Friday 4 May 2012

Nice timber

I visited a luthier friend of mine today and bought some very nice  wood. This plank of mahogany was from an  antique dining table, I've cut the scalloped edges off. The wood is very heavy and hard, my friend suspects it might be Cuban Mahogany. 
The downside to reclaimed timber is that it often comes with holes! These are presumably the  holes which attached the top to the frame. I intend to use this plank to make a large box and I can cover the holes with the lining.
These are two 3" thick planks of  Brazilian Mahogany which again will make  some very nice boxes. They are considerable lighter than the mahogany above. 
This is a small board of very nicely figured Zirocote, it's mostly sapwood on the other side . The sap is almost white and very hard, it provides a nice contrast to the dark colour.
A close up of the Ziricote.
The last purchase was a lovely clear board of curly maple 8' 6" long by 12" wide and 1 " thick. I love buying wood  and I very I'm pleased with this little shopping trip. It cost me £500 in total but well worth it!

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  1. Nice choices David. that Ziricote looks completely different than any I have seen before, I have used this in guitars before, but nothing like that. I am seeing some nice boxes in your future...