Friday 15 June 2012

Mini Smoothers

 Here is the batch of mini smoothers I started a few weeks ago. They had been put to one side but now I've finally finished them off. I've not used Brazilian Tulipwood for this plane before and I was particularly pleased with the way they turned out.

There were some strong purple and pink stripes running through the cream background, that's four very pretty backsides!

Brazilian Tulipwood is very heavy and hard which is a great wood for planes but it's also fissile (splintery) so requires extra care to avoid unwanted break out particularly around the mouth.

The Kingwood turned just as pretty as usual, it deserves its name.

The Bocote (Mexican rosewood) is not as hard or as heavy as the other two but it has wonderful colour and grain pattern. The price has stayed the same for all the planes at a very reasonable £89.

1 comment:

  1. I have one of these mini smoothers and its my go-to plane for quick work on small pieces. Fits in the hand very well for me. The tulipwood looks very nice.