Sunday 17 June 2012

Wood from Yandles yard

Every month or two I call into Yandles wood yard for a rummage around. They have a large shed and all the wood is end stacked so you can hand pick the boards. This can be a bit hairy with longer boards but long may it last!
The first wood to catch my eye was a short piece of 4" thick beech. I only really use beech for bench tops (unless it's spalted) but this was bang on quarter sawn which showed nice tight medullary flecks as well as having lines of nice dark heartwood. The wood was air dried and showing some end splits, so I decided to re saw it into 4 x 1" boards to prevent it splitting any further and to help it dry much faster.

It has the look of a landscape and should make a few very nice boxes.

The other wood I came away with were these three boards of 3/4" elm. They have a nice colour contrast with the darker heart as well as a nice straight grain which is ideal for box sides.

Right along the boards there is a type of figuring that is difficult to pin down, half way between birds eye and ripple. It should produce a very nice effect in a finished piece.
Yandles also stock a good selection of exoctics and turning blanks and all prices are very reasonable. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

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