Friday 1 June 2012

Victory oak box

I couldn't resist making a little box from the Victory oak. It is dovetailed with discreet pivoting pins for opening the lid.

In order to add 'lightness' to the lid I created a taper that went from 8mm at the back (necessary for the pin) to just 3mm at the front. This was easiest and safest to achieve with a hand plane and I used my high angle smoother for the task. With the blade bedded at 57 degrees it guaranteed no tearout. Note the different type of shavings from a conventional 45 degree plane.

Here is the taper, I kept checking the front edge to make sure it stayed even.

A simple bench hook with a 2mm fence allowed plane the edge right down.
 The result was understated and pleasing. Now I must get back to my more urgent jobs!


  1. Beautiful work as always. I hope you saved the shavings, I don't think I could bring myself to throw them away.

  2. Thank you. It's funny how when you get into the work practicality overtakes sentimentality, the shavings went into the bin with all the rest!

  3. What a delightfully recycled piece of oak - I'm sure Admiral Nelson would approve!

    1. Thank you. I kept the design quiet, it's all about the wood.

  4. Hello Mr Barron - I delight in subscribing to your web log because of these well conceived projects. thanks for documenting with good photos, too!

    adam of oakland