Friday 22 June 2012

Walnut bookcase

 As this bookcase is for a specific purpose, cookery books, I decided against an adjustable shelf and positioned it with a gap on the bottom of 310mm and the top 255mm. Experience has taught me that adjustable shelves very rarely if ever get adjusted.
This picture shows my set up for supporting the shelf. The centre support was attached to the shelf with dominoes and the two scrap pieces (cut at the same time as the centre support) are used to position the shelf for the thin side supports. This is easier and more accurate than balancing a spirit level.

Positioning the side supports for drilling is made much easier and again more accurate by using double sided tape prior to drilling the screw holes. It's great stuff and when you are tuned in to using it there are loads of uses around the shop. I finished the case before assembly with two coats of shellac to stop the walnut from going too dark and then two coats of Osmo Hardwax oil applied thinly with a rag.

Here is the bookcase completed and in position in the kitchen, sorry about the picture quality, it was very sunny outside, I shouldn't complain.
It fitted in very nicely and passed the wife test with flying colours!

It took all our cookery books with room to spare. That's Millie one of our terrier crosses, I think that look means it's time for a walk!

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