Tuesday 26 March 2013

100,000 Milestone!

Yes my blog, started just over a year ago, has just passed 100,000 page views. A drop in the ocean compared to some but not bad for an internet novice like me. It's quite a commitment and has become more difficult to keep the posts interesting, there's only so many times people want to see how my tools are made! The response has been very positive and it's certainly been good for sales, so thank you all for contributing to my blog. It's appropriate to mark this milestone with a picture of a readers dovetails, in fact his his first with my tools. Well done Dave!


  1. Hi David.How about a small video shop tour and showing some of your tools.Thanks for a great site,and we all are waiting on info on your new dovetail guide and saw.Thanks

    1. Hi Lou, A video on my shop is on the list to be done although the camera men aren't too keen as it involves them moving around as well as me! The new guide is here now but only in 1:6 angle the other angles are a couple of months away. All the best, David.